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Just as I was patting myself on the back for discovering that getting enough exercise in the morning meant that Bailey would NOT chew things during the day, a whole other set of circumstances blew up on me.

For the record, Bailey played at the dog park for over an hour yesterday, from 12:30pm till almost 2:00pm. At 3:00pm, we left for the boys’ double header indoor soccer game. I left out a Kong Wobbler filled with treats and was confident that we’d come home to an unmolested house.

Now, I don’t know if it was because it was close to dinner time, it got dark while we were gone, or the neighbors were all out working on their Xmas lights, but, in only two hours, he had attacked a photo album, chosen out of five others on the bookshelf (See last photo below).

Although no actual photos (it was the boys’ BABY album) were destroyed, Scott and I were both freaking out a bit, as we thought we had this problem licked last week, with lots of exercise. Also, we have a LOT of photo albums. We have NEVER smacked Bailey, but, as he still had the album in his mouth, Scott whacked him on the ass with his hand. Bailey seemed unfazed, but Evan refused to speak to his father for the rest of the night. I wasn’t thrilled either, but we were both pretty frustrated.  

Other possible variables might include the fact that he was boarded Wednesday and Thursday which may have resulted in an exaggerated response when we ALL left yesterday.  He had already rested an hour from the dog park — not enough of a proximity effect? Who knows?

He has TONS of toys, including some that hold snacks. I leave a TV on. The doors are shut to most of the house (boys’ rooms, bathrooms, basement, laundry room), and that really limits his options.

See HERE for why the dog is no longer crated….that’s a WHOLE other business.

In order, below, are the items he has destroyed since mid-October. Some common themes will jump RIGHT out at you, and we think we know what he prefers, too. Anything I forgot to take a pciture of is represented by a pic I pulled from online. I KNOW it could be worse. I refuse to even commit to paper/blog the items we are thrilled that he HASN’T showed any interest in…YET. It’s the not knowing when he’s going to go THERE that has us a little frantic.

ADDIDAS FLIP FLOP — Just the top


WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES and MLA MANUAL OF STYLE — I appreciate the irony here.


LAMPSHADE pulled of nightstand — lamp and bulb UNDAMAGED!

PICTURE FRAME off of dining room buffet – Glass INTACT, vintage pic of grandmother gone (that was a little disappointing).

And last, but certainly not least….

The aforementioned PHOTO ALBUM. This was the only item he was “caught” with. Otherwise, when I/we get home, he’s calmly laying in the front window — with whatever he’s gotten into spread out on the kitchen floor. And he’s not even destructive EVERY time he’s at home and hasn’t gone for a run recently.

I tried a FEW different things today, plus a run at the park. I’ll be posting the results this evening. Cross your fingers for me!