There are some odd pages at the top of Squirrelcircus today. I would encourage you NOT to click on them. I should have made them DRAFTs, but I blew it and didn’t feel like re-doing. As a result, they all have an annoying under construction sign on them (or they soon will — I haven’t even gotten THAT far).

BUT, here’s a preview…

Bailey Bites -Really, he doesn’t, and this page needs a better name. What it is – a photo gallery of household items destroyed by the dog; coupled with the start of a “scientific” venture. Please note the air quotes. This will be MORE detailed than you might expect, but with LESS documentation than, say, particle physics. We’ve already seen a significant correlation between doggy exercise and good behavior, and plan to investigate all of the variables further. Warning: there WILL be graphs! 

Squirrel Miles – From the first bag of Halloween candy through this week’s celebration of Thanksgiving, this squirrel has been on a binge that would imply that food will be VERY scarce this winter. I’m pledging to start logging miles on my treadmill again. Goals are to lose a few inches and to justify the TV I bought for the gym about six months ago, before one of the boys try to snag it for their room.

Book Log –   Pretty self-explanatory, although, again, I’d like to come up with a catchier name for it. Writing lengthy reviews, I’ve discovered, is really not compatible with my short attention span and brevity of prose. I’ll rate books I’m reading — possibly with an unbearably cute “squirrel” rating scale.