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Nothing like receiving a blogging award to give a person writer’s block – ha ha!  I am several days behind in thanking Moments of Exhilaration for bestowing the honor of the following award on yours truly.

In my defense, we are coming off of a holiday, and, if you read my blog, you know that my dog has been destroying the house, piece by piece (See HERE for daily updates!)

I learned about the award FIRST via a text from my sister, who was VERY excited for me. Disclaimer — she didn’t WANT to tell me, she wanted me to look at my blog IMMEDIATELY, but our modem was down, so I MADE her tell me what it said. I was thrilled, to say the least. This community is what makes blogging so worthwhile! 

This cool bumblebee badge calls for the recipient to share seven secrets about themselves AND pass the award onto 15 other awesome blogs (or fewer -I only did 10)


1) I grew up (and my mother still lives) in a neighborhood that backed directly onto a cemetery. At our end of the street, the pet section of the cemetery was just over the fence. It was such a nice “memorial garden”-style cemetery that we learned to ride our bikes there and often took picnics there! Not creepy at all. Right.

2) I LOVE salt-cured and/or dry-cured meats, any and all. I cannot get enough bacon, prosciutto, pancetta, dry beef, and the list goes on. Sure makes me thirsty, though. Isn’t that what wine is for?

3) I am so uncomfortable watching acceptance speeches AND shots of the losers that I cannot watch ANY award shows. Also, although we have watched Survivor (is that ANOTHER secret?) since it began, I can’t STAND to watch the “jury” interview the last contestants, so I leave the room and come back for the “vote”.

4) I got my only tattoo at the ripe old age of 35 — it’s a Celtic knot on my back, with the words, Hope, Faith, Peace, Love, Joy, and Grace around the outside. It’s about 8″ across.

5) I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction, and get lost on a regular basis. I also used to get pulled over (before the twins) while speeding back to the last place where I knew I was (in Virginia where I went to college). I never got a ticket, and they usually escorted me back to the highway, following their cruiser. The boys are used to arriving to birthday parties late because I am lost. Thankfully, the navigation on my new phone has made a big improvement.

6) Every Christmas Eve, I cry when they turn the lights down, light the candles, and sing Silent Night. And not just a stray tear. We’re talking snuffling weepy — it just gets to me for some reason. The moment usually ends when one of the boys spills wax on me, the pew, or his brother.

7) I work out with an iTunes mix of all my favorite “hair bands” from the 80s. The playlist includes Poison, Ratt, Def Leppard, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, and Warrant. My hair isn’t long enough now to rock the Aussie Sprunch Spray (from the company that uses the purple kangaroo as a spokesperson still) with a spiral perm. It was like shellac for hair, and I miss it sometimes.

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Excuse me now, as I rush off to tell these folks what they won!