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Here, in the fourth week of Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp, I was thinking about how much we’re getting out of the experience, for a small price ($25). Each week, I’ve printed out all of the workouts, and, while I’m not always on the suggested schedule, I’ve already gotten so much out of it. It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into putting them together, and I’m so thankful for Tina’s devotion to making the camp such a success for everyone!

Social networking with the BBB Facebook group has been one of my favorite things about the program. Reading the posts is super motivating, and I’ve discovered some great blogs through the Link Love entries each day!

If YOU’RE interested — check Tina’s website for session #3 to open up this fall/winter.

Working out with a gym membership was definitely my go-to fitness plan in the past, but over the last several years, the expense of membership and my apparent inability to make the time to get there started not to make as much sense for me.

So, when I got serious about working out again, (this being at least my 3rd or 4th time around), I hunted for some great equipment and accessories that I was able to pick up on the cheap…to outfit a home gym.

exercise, weight lifting, craigslist

Brand new women’s (don’t tell Scott – he uses it too!) Reebok weight bench, complete with five pairs of weights on Craigslist for $50. When the seller’s fiancee moved out, I lucked out! (Don’t worry — I took my sister along AND met him outside a Panera to buy it.)

treadmill, exercise, running

Best. Deal. Ever. I bought it at a neighbor’s yard sale for…wait for it….TWENTY dollars. They already had one, and a friend was moving and couldn’t take this with them. Six training programs, auto incline and speed. Scott lost 50 pounds on this treadmill!

heart rate, exercise, health

Another Craigslist deal. $15 for this heart rate monitor with stopwatch, training program, and chest strap. So far, the calories reported seem to confirm with My Fitness Pal values for my cardiovascular activities.

Yard sales are a fantastic place to pick up all kinds of exercise videos — for better or worse, lots of people buy them, and lots of people get rid of them, too! The one on top came with the purple and green exercise bands — sealed in the original package.

And, of course, my favorite workout “tool” — initially acquired for companionship and family fun, but GREAT for cardio intervals…

easy pace……SQUIRREL!! running, running, STOP AND SNIFF!!