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Today’s snack recipe was Evan’s idea. He and Will assembled these flightless cuties, after directing me in the slicing and dicing. He saw them on his favorite YouTube “foodie porn” show — Nerdy Nummies. The show’s creator, Rosanna Pansino calls them Socially Awkward Penguins. Ours take socially awkward a step further by being green rather than black (I “like” black olives, but I “love” green olives!)

What you’ll need (for TEN penguins):

10 large olives (these seem to be described, generally, on the jar as “Queen” olives)

10 regular olives

One fresh carrot sliced into ten 0.25″ disks

About 4 Β tablespoons cream cheese (we happened to have ‘whipped’ and it worked out fine) in a sealed snack-size ziploc with one corner clipped off.


To assemble:

  • Cut a “pie slice” out of each carrot disk, to make feet.
  • Cut a smaller, thin, triangle out of the discarded carrot bits, to make beaks.
  • Insert beaks into “x” end of the smaller olives (also identifiable as the the non-pimento end, if you are using the little green ones that we like), to finish the heads.
  • Carve a rectangular channel in the front of the large olives and fill with the cream cheese “icing” in the bag.
  • Stack the feet, body, and heads and push a toothpick through all pieces.

Easy peasy!! And so cute. I must confess that, of all of the ingredients, I actually like CARROTS the least, but really enjoyed these eaten in one bite with all of the flavors crunched up together.

Try them — and check out Nerdy Nummies!