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The “rules” for the dog park are hidden in there somewhere!

When Bailey and I applied for membership to our dog park two years ago, it was a meticulously manicured, still somewhat new addition to one of the township parks about five minutes from our house.

Hellooooo?? The gate is just beyond this outcropping of weeds, and you can no longer see who or what is coming in or out.

We pay $40 a year for a pass key to the park, and this covers non-toxic weed control and fertilizer, as well as the guy that comes around periodically to restock the “poop” bag dispensers and empty the associated receptacles.

It’s hard to convince the dogs not to PEE on the bench, as it’s quickly becoming part of the shrubs around it.. (Why am I suddenly thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean? “Part of the crew, part of the ship!” — sorry, that’s the way my mind works – ha ha)

What is DOESN’T cover, apparently, is ANY maintenance outside of the gates….at which point, outside of the gates, you are still WITHIN a much larger township park which continues to be maintained to pretty high standards — bocce ball courts, playgrounds, frisbee golf, mini golf, ball fields, and all.

Our township recreation campus is a beautiful asset to the community, and the dog park shouldn’t be an exception. I finally wrote an “outraged citizen” email today  — I’ll let you know if my squeak gets any oil….


Literally JUST rec’d this from the parks and recreation director…

I agree whole-heartedly with your concerns…and though not an excuse, this is an area that is maintained by _____.  I will tell that the _____ group has been notified (Monday, August 13th) that though they have informed us that this area has been taken on as an Eagle Scout Project if it is not cleaned up in one week, we will be taking care of the situation.

I have been assured that the scout who is responsible will begin his project this weekend, in fact they have requested a dumpster to be delivered on Friday as the first order of business is to remove the weeds.

I will respond back to you again on Monday with a report – if you and Bailey haven’t seen an improvement for yourself!

Thank you for your input!

That’s right. That’s how we roll, here at Squirrel Circus…….(yes, I am totally taking credit for this….despite the fact that it was already in the works..unless that’s what “they” WANT me to believe..mwah ha ha ha!!!!)