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Would you buy books from this man? People do. “Joe” is the “spokes-cartoon” for the website http://www.perma-bound.com, a site that sells books to school libraries. I found “Joe” while looking for resources that addressed the “weeding” of library collections, and he offers this pithy advice: “Avoid a “Mustie” Library – Tips to Help You Determine if a Book Should Go.”

Mustie? Really?  You mean “musty”?  From thefreedictionary.com:

must·y adj. must·i·ermust·i·est

1. Stale or moldy in odor or taste.

a. Hackneyed or trite; dull.
b. Out of date; antiquated.
c. Out of use or practice; rusty.
Possibly, BUT, as I learned about five minutes ago — “MUSTIE” is a cool (not really) acronym for Misleading, Ugly, Superseded, Trivial, Inaccurate, and Elsewhere; used by librarians.  How cute. Elsewhere is further defined as “easily borrowed or researched from another source.”
EASY, Joe! Let’s not go shooting ourselves in the foot, okay? Heard of the Internet? “Shhhhhhhhhhhh!”


At OUR library, I selected volumes for consideration that had 1) not been checked out in the past two years AND 2) checked out less than 10 times EVER. Among a hundred or so volumes selected for weeding, I found these gems….

Internet by Lora Koehler (1995) Speaking of the internet….”Sometimes you may want to move things over the Internet. Maybe you want to give a friend a computer program, or retrieve the tale of Frankenstein from a service called Project Gutenberg. You can do this by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).” “Many FTP sites contain files that anyone can copy. Using these FTP sites is known as “anonymous FTP” because you type in “anonymous” when asked for your log-on”

Right. Maybe the glossary will help…

Or not.  What a flash from the past! “Archie”? GOPHER?

Divorce by Ann S. White (1979). Ms. White opens this educational classic with a wishful dedication, “To John, Diana, and Dick. With love and hope for a divorce-free future the future.” So sweet.

The book follows four children as they navigate the scary waters of divorce. In the chapter that investigates the reasons behind divorce, after entertaining the possibility that a husband and wife have grown apart over financial or emotional issues, offers this possibility:

That’s right. Your parents NEVER loved each other. Oh, and Dad is gay. As if you don’t have enough on your mind as a child of divorce.

But, don’t worry.

“Most divorced people marry again because they are sure they’ve finally found “the right person”. Others because they think it’s better for their children to live in a home with two parents.”

Now, THAT’s a good reason. Good grief.

Know How to Breed Tropical Fish by Richard Haas (1975) Yes, those are tropical fish engaging in PDA on the cover. Other popular titles in the The Pet Library series of books included Know Your Monkey and Enjoy Your Poodle.

Mr. Haas warns against staking your financial future on the sale of the tropical fish you may breed, but shares some valuable tips for a successful breeding hobby…

Can you say DATE NIGHT? I hope he at least buys her dinner.

Messing Around with Water Pumps and Siphons by Bernie Zubrowski (1981) First off, I question the appropriateness of “messing around” with siphons.  The books has some terrific experiments, but the only siphoning I’ve ever heard of involved either dirty fish tank water or gasoline – neither of which I want the boys “messing” around with.

Introducing rubber tubing and ball point pens to the equation just seems like you’re running a risk of your kid appearing on ‘Intervention’, before they’re ten.

And, last, but not least — a kindergarten must-read….

Epidemic – A Disaster! Book by Christopher Lampton (1992) 

I don’t want to alarm anyone, BUT…

We get it – epidemic BAD. Washing hands GOOD.

page 21 - "Unsanitary conditions contribute to many epidemics."

On second thought, I might hang a copy of this one next to the hand sanitizer!