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Just  this week, a fellow blogger, the fabulous a2realhousewife was kind enough to nominate me for two awards that she recently received. I’m thrilled that she enjoyed my blog enough to share it, and I’ll do my best to follow the protocol for the awards!

Step 1: Share a handful of blogs that I enjoy (some I have highlighted before and others I’ve recently discovered)…CHECK THEM OUT!

Step 2: I’m going to further refine the “Seven Things About Yourself”. I’ve done it before, here, and today I think I’ll go “microcosm” on it with “Seven Random Thoughts from Today”:

  1. I’m glad the snow coated the trees and NOTHING else.
  2. Could there BE more old people in here!? (the Park City Diner)
  3. This bacon and cheese omelette is AWESOME.
  4. I wish Scott would stop talking about net calories.
  5. I am NEVER getting up from this couch.
  6. Bailey’s eye is looking much better today.
  7. A ‘Ghost Hunters’ marathon? Hooray!