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Have you ever stumbled upon the very end of a movie on television, (today, the last five minutes of the movie) and find it to be totally mesmerizing? You totally want to know what happened before you tuned in, and are dying to see the whole film, BUT….now you already know how it ends!

It can be argued that everyone knew how Titanic ended, and it was still an amazing movie. The movie I saw today, I think it’s been ruined for me. I didn’t even know what it was called until the credits started to roll. Turns out it was Birth (2004), starring Nicole Kidman as a woman who becomes convinced that a 12-year-old boy is the reincarnation of her deceased husband.

from IMDB.com

I dashed off to IMDB and immediately remembered the buzz (and criticism) that accompanied the movie’s release. The potential for (and anticipation of) love scenes between Kidman and a young boy rubbed some people the wrong way. That’s their prerogative. Sometimes art is provacative and uncomfortable, and I’m okay with that.

My problem, now, is that I’ve seen the end of the movie, and I’m not sure if it’s worth watching the whole thing. Leaning towards watching it though…the ending was that good.

Another movie that I joined mid-reel was Rebecca (1940), starring Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier, and I have yet to see the beginning. I turned on the TV, for background noise, when I was cleaning the bathrooms. It was not even halfway through, and I sat down with a Clorox wipe in my hand, and didn’t get up for over an hour. Note: I developed a nasty rash in my hand, as a result, but it was totally worth it!

– from IMDB.com

I won’t get into a debate, here, about reading the book versus watching the movie, but I will say that I became obsessed with all things Daphne du Maurier, after the movie, and subsequently read some of her other work (Jamaica Inn) and a fascinating biography (Daphne du Maurier: The Secret Life of the Renowned Storyteller by Margaret Forster).

I love it (contact dermatitis aside) when a book or movie makes time stand still, while the writer/performers crawl right into your brain.

What was the last movie or book that made you feel that way?