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Watched the Today Show this morning, and I have two questions:

1. Who the heck are New Direction? (I know, I know — a Brit boy band, but the point it that I didn’t know when I woke up this morning)

2. What were those parents thinking!? I’m talking about the family that was booted off of a Jet Blue flight because their 2-year-old had a temper tantrum.

Did my kids have tantrums when they were that age? Sure. But, I knew what kinds of places I could take them and what kind of places they might not be able to handle.

These parents, Dr. Colette Vieau (mom) and Dr. Mordecai Stolk (dad) (returning from Turks and Caicos, BTW) could NOT have been surprised when their youngest, Natalie, threw a fit on the airplane. How do I know this? Because I saw them on the Today Show this morning.

Going into the segment, viewers had already been told that 71% of folks responding to an online poll agreed with the airlineand they hadn’t even been on the show yet.

Within two minutes of Matt beginning to interview mom and dad, complete chaos had erupted, in the form of their 2-year-old AND 3-year-old, over which they clearly have NO control. I’ve seen many kids on the Today Show over the years, and these two were unbelievable!

See the video HERE

[ Note: It’s worth the wait through the set-up piece to watch this family self-destruct.]

As Matt wrapped up the interview, I wish he would have asked, “SO, which is more humiliating? getting kicked off the plane or being here this morning?”

By the way, mom isn’t just a doctor — she’s a PEDIATRICIAN. Must be like what they say about preachers’ kids……