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Quick. Use the word “sodium” in a sentence…or ten. Obviously, you weren’t at our house last week. Despite continuing to lose weight, Scott has become convinced that the amount of sodium in his diet is holding him back at the Tuesday weigh-ins.

Heard around the kitchen island this week…

“Are you sure that this is low-sodium soy sauce?”

“I cannot believe I just sabotaged myself by eating that second kabob. It had way too much sodium. What was I thinking?!”

“It’s like it just TASTES salty. Don’t you think it TASTES salty?”

“What do you mean there’s no sodium in eggs? There HAS to be sodium in eggs.”

“Here’s the problem, you chose the WRONG pecorino romano when you entered this recipe in myfitnesspal. Whoever added it to the database didn’t put ANY nutritional information, so the sodium is ZERO, even though that could not possibly be true.”

I can guess the question on everyone’s mind, and, NO, I haven’t killed him yet. I HAVE suggested that he pop a Pamprin the morning of his weigh-ins, if he’s THAT worried about bloating..

So, now we need to be looking beyond just the calories in a dish and focusing on the sodium. Right. Honestly, I’m trying to be as supportive as possible, but controlling for TWO nutritional benchmarks is just too much for me.

In the interest of full disclosure, I AM a sodium junkie. Someone who eats the salt out of the bottom of the pretzel bag. SO, since I’ve had sodium on the brain this week, I thought I’d provide some recommendations for anyone looking to INCREASE the sodium in their diet, remembering that 2,300 mg is the recommended daily total (for persons under the age of 50).

Ramen noodles


chipped dry beef

beef jerky

shrimp fried rice

Baums sweet bologna

Bloody Mary

Chili’s chips and salsa

 Now, if these suggestions don’t satisfy your need for sodium, your local Southern States store can fix you right up…

Now THAT’S what I’m talking ’bout!