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On the whole — a terrific weekend, DESPITE the sudden appearance of blizzard-like snow all day Saturday. And, boy, was it HEAVY snow. If I am to understand the weatherman who was explaining it on the hour every hour (I tuned out at some point), it was wetter than true mid-winter snow. It just wasn’t cold enough?

Lots of folks found themselves without power, including my mother and grandmother (who has been staying with my mom). My sister had power, about ten miles away, and offered them a place to stay last night, but they just decided to bundle up and stick it out. Happy to say, the power was back on late Sunday morning, but the experience has my mother looking at kerosene heaters, something she should probably NOT be allowed to operate…I’m just saying.

I think I was most pleased that, because of the snow, the boys’ 9 am  soccer game was cancelled on Saturday. I love to watch the boys play, but the season has gone on long enough for me. Keebler’s Elves (my nickname for the team. Their coach is named Keebler, and for U10 players, they’re a little stature-challenged) have one more game next weekend and we’re done! I’m really going to miss washing all those soccer socks. ha ha.

Beyond that, I did pretty good on my goal for the weekend of giving the boys more of my time (and less begrudgingly than usual). I even *gasp* played a whole game of Simpson’s Monopoly! To prevent burnout, I suggested we play in one-hour increments, which seemed to work for everyone. Towards the end, when they were both counting out every possible move, what they would land on, and what it would cost them, I almost raided the dog’s leftover Xanax, but I persevered and W. and I allowed ourselves to be wiped out by E., as usual!

I took some much-needed time yesterday afternoon finding and dealing with all of the little piles of “stuff” we all leave around the house. Ours were: on top of the dryer, in the kids’ lockers in the laundry room, on the dining room table, on the hall table, by the kitchen phone — you get the picture. Laundry needed put away, Go Go’s and Nerf darts from the lockers headed to the bedrooms, bills needed filed, schoolwork needed signed….and ON and ON…..Phew. Glad to have cleared so many surfaces in the house, though!

This morning (Sunday), miracle of miracles, when the dog got up to go out and the boys were pounding down the stairs, my wonderful husband let me sleep in and handled the “animals”. I’m usually just quicker to hop up, and it’s not a big deal (she says trying to downplay the importance of this gesture), but it was AWESOME!

Spent a couple hours writing this afternoon and contemplating joining in on the madness that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month — November, as in two days from now). My sister sent me another link to the website yesterday, with the simple message “Dooo Eeet Already!” which was pretty motivating in and of itself. Another 24 hours to decide, I guess. Hmmmmm.