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Did you miss me? I missed YOU! I looked at my calendar recently and realized that I’ve been away from WordPress for just over a year. I needed a break, and I’m glad I took one. I’ve spent the past twelve months exploring, challenging, and recharging myself, and I’m excited to be back!

Not firm on format, yet – might be shorter posts, more pictures, less pictures, recipes, book reviews, or none of the above.

Let’s catch up!

This summer, I was officially (translation: “by a mental health professional”) diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (different than OCD) and ADHD. I began new medications over the summer, started new CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), recently completed a 10-week DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) group, AND “There’s an app for that!” DBT, that is.

I’m still happily working at my “dream job”. Couldn’t ask for nicer colleagues or better hours. Love it.

Twins are doing great! – They moved up to the intermediate school in our school district, 5th grade last year – in sixth grade now, and loving it. Next year, middle school (OMG, really?!) Finally feeling like time flies, after wishing it would. It can slow down now, thank you.

Started running (and not just away) last winter  – I’ve done a handful of 5K races with friends and one awesome mud run – Shadey’s Rugged Run.  Just entered the random draw for Run Nike Women’s Series 2014 half-marathon in Washington, D.C. I may be NUTS, thinking I should do this, but I’m super excited – entrants to be notified the first week in December!

Celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow, after a weekend getaway, to West Chester, PA. Cool college town, only an hour from home. Feeling lucky and loved.

That’s all for now – hope to see you at the Circus!