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I like how this guy thinks!

I have TERRIBLE eating habits.  The reason I haven’t participated YET in “What I Ate Wednesday” is that a) I eat far too few fruits and vegetables (making me a terrible role model) and b) I graze constantly. The thought of photographing EVERYTHING is a little daunting.

Today, however, I submit to you what I ate, in an effort to shame myself into making some nutritional improvements and maybe eat some stuff I’m not embarrassed to take pictures of!

Oh yeah…the stuff I ate too fast to remembered to take a picture is represented in clips from the internet and is noted as such.

The rice krispy treat, breakfast of champions…

…washed down with DD, hold the side of whole coffee beans (from http://www.groceryshopforfree.com)

Breakfast number two — caffeine-free this time. The oatmeal may be the healthiest thing I ate all day.

This was lunch….with another caffeine-free Diet Coke

Yes, this is the same picture….I ate another one, around 2 pm.

A handful of cashews with sea-salt after work.


Dinner was homemade sloppy joes that looked a LOT like this one (from http://disaster.salvationarmyusa.org — BTW, it accompanied a recipe that feeds 150 people…and uses 45 pounds of ground beef!!)

Tonight’s side dish, enjoyed with Old Bay seasoning and Tabasco….isn’t that how everyone eats their “tots”? (image from http://www.oreida.com/products)

There’s really nowhere to go but up, right?

“Elvis has left the building!”