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This is my first week participating in Saturday Upsides, a link-up sponsored by Bonnie of Recipes Happen. Check it out HERE!

My birthday was this Saturday. (Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind!) It was my “40 plus one” birthday and, thankfully, was not heralded by a return visit from the eight-foot tall pink flamingo who showed up in the yard LAST year. (Thanks, Mom!)

Although I’m not quite ready for AARP and senior discounts, I was reminded of this quote from Maurice Chevalier…

Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative.

That’s definitely the UPSIDE, and this birthday was full of them, beginning on Friday, when the teachers on my hall had their students deliver forty-one little gifts and snacks, often serenading me with lively rounds of “Happy Birthday”!! So SWEET!!!

At home, the boys gave me hilarious cards (as usual!) and a beautiful fall arrangement…….

My birthday present (and most likely my anniversary, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day gifts!) from Scott was a REALLY nice set of cookware, replacing the mixed-bag collection of pots and pans I’ve had for decades…

I’m in LOVE with my new toys (and with Scott, too, of course)!!