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  • Sharp Objects was Gillian Flynn’s debut novel, in 2006. I read her second book, Dark Places, when it came out in 2010 and LOVED it. Reading Sharp Objects this week showed me that she already had it ALL going on, back in 2006.
  • Her writing exposes the darkest corners of human nature, in a very compelling and, equally as often, wryly humorous way. I found Sharp Objects impossible to put down…even trying to finish it on a Labor Day weekend car ride (despite motion sickness!).
  • Flynn mines twisted family relations and small town neuroses, to great effect. The main character, Camille, a journalist, returns to her home town, against her better judgement, to report on what appears to be a serial killer who is targeting young girls. She stays in the home of her estranged mother, Adora, and you KNOW that can’t be good….and it isn’t.
  • Mentally unhealthy characters and relationships abound, and made this whodunit a tricky one to solve (for the detectives, the reporter, AND the reader).