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Furry clip-on tie? Possibly.

Each of the boys brought home one of these snazzy clip-on wolf tails from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Our waitress at the Lodge’s Loose Moose (yes, that was the name — sounds like a dance fad or slutty forest mammal, in my opinion) Restaurant gave them to the boys when we enjoyed the breakfast buffet.

And I quote, “Mom, you have ONE shot to get this picture.”

As soon as I saw the kids wearing them, I was transported back to an embarrassing moment from my past….when I, myself, wore a wolf tail…


The year was 1993, and it was sorority rush season. I should first, say, that I NEVER thought that I would be part of a sorority, and did not participate in “rush” my freshman year. By my sophomore year, I had sought out/serendipitous-ly found some great friends….the majority of whom were members of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Fast forward two years, I was living in the sorority house, getting ready for my least favorite activity — RUSH WEEK. A necessary evil of Greek life, “rush”, at least when I was in school, was a week dedicated to recruitment of new members — tightly scheduled rounds of ice cream socials, skits, and speed “dating” for women. Followed by late night “voting”. Yes…voting on human beings…did I mention that being in a sorority didn’t always line up with my core personality?.

That being said, I will always cherish the relationships, organic AND “arranged” that I made as a member of a sorority. Beautiful, brilliant women. Women who dressed up like storybook characters in the name of sisterly love.

One evening, during rush, I was to be the Big Bad Wolf to three friends who were playing the Three Little Pigs in a skit. Resources being what they were, in downtown Williamsburg, and with my enthusiasm for the whole process lagging, my costume was comprised of things from my room – my “tail” was a ragged strip cut from a brown bath towel and sewed onto khaki shorts.

Not ten minutes into the evening, I escaped for a bathroom break, and….wait for it…PEED on my tail. Yup. Totally forgot it was there — let it drop into the “bowl” and whizzed on it. Whizzed on it and spent the rest of the evening chatting up prospective members while wearing a urine-soaked wolf tail. Good times.