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“It doesn’t GET more fun than this!”

Chronologically (in the real world, not the blog world), before I overhauled our closet, I cleaned the kitchen. I mean, I really cleaned the kitchen – disassembling the stove, buying replacement light bulbs for the microwave, and rebuilding the stove kind of cleaning the kitchen. It certainly needed it, but I really did it because of someone else’s blog about their kitchen. Huh? Yes.

Down the mental rabbit hole………

“Hmmm, her kitchen is lovely, REALLY lovely. Reminds me a bit of our kitchen. She wouldn’t know that, of course. We’re blog buddies, not  “can you watch the boys while I duck out to the dentist (or liquor store)?” neighbor-type buddies. So, I can TELL her my kitchen looks a lot like hers….but she might not believe me. Or, she might think I’m a stalker who’s about to run out for some tile samples to MAKE our kitchen look like hers. Oh my gawd — I totally HAVE that plate. I knew I liked her. She shops at Target as much as I do! I know! I’ll send her some pictures of our kitchen. That’s weird, isn’t it? Who emails pictures of their kitchen to people? Anthony Weiner? Probably. No. I’ll BLOG about it. She blogged about HER kitchen, and I thought it was perfectly normal. Yes! I’ve been cooking a lot lately and sharing recipes on the blog, so I’ll post some pics of my kitchen. Nooooooo!!! Every picture I’ve taken has either highlighted the cobwebs in the light fixtures, or the nasty film of ick all across the counter tops. What IS that in the toaster? Gawd, the kitchen is filthy. Really a mess. Must CLEAN the kitchen before any suitable pictures can be taken……”

Without further delay….my kitchen (which looks a lot like WifeMotherEventPlanner’s kitchen. At least I think it does. Thank you, WMEP, for motivating me to clean the kitchen!)

The literal and figurative center of the kitchen (and our home!) Plenty of room for food prep AND spectators. Evan and Will love to help out, and Bailey is always poised to “rescue” dropped ingredients.

Walking the fine line between “french country” and “too many roosters”? (successfully, I hope!). Note the aloe plant – handy for minor burns….NOT for the bloody smack down my “new” knives continue to deliver…

Everyone’s favorite corner. Because of the cool convection/toaster oven, of course. Not. I love the toaster oven because it makes it easy to broil, bake, or toast a meal for the boys or snack for myself. Scott “hates” it and demanded the return of the “actual toaster…you know…that TOASTS.” It takes all kinds, right? It’s no joke, though, that we ALL worship the corner TV. The previous owners had one just like this, and I managed to track down the “last white RCA kitchen tube TV in the continental US” before we moved in, in 2006.

I dropped and broke the shade of this lamp about a week after buying it. It’s been held together with super glue and black electrical tape for six years.

An antique bottle with a soap pump top. “citrate of magnesium” — vintage medicine bottle…..the original Ex-Lax…..now we wash our hands with it….nice.

My coffee corner. I stopped buying the Keurig K-cups a long time ago, and use their “my K-Cup” accessory with my own coffee…..a little more labor intensive, but MUCH cheaper. I highly recommend it.

Tour’s over……thanks for joining me!