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Yes, I’m about to use the nationwide West Nile epidemic to showcase my kids’ modeling portfolios….

Both Evan and Will have done print and TV work for various clients, over the past five years. We got involved with a terrific local agency when they were toddlers, and did a bunch of different campaigns over three or four years. We really haven’t done much lately because we made the decision not to put their school (or mine) aside to pursue auditions.

We get a kick out of looking back over things they’ve done, and, with mosquitoes in the news, I had to pull out Evan’s Mosquito Magnet ™ TV spots, which ran mostly in the southeast US (I linked to them on YouTube)…



Look quick or you’ll miss him…..in the 2010 clip it’s all long shots, playing soccer with his “sister” and super tight shots, scratching his leg and swatting the air!

Before Evan’s head gets too big (it’s probably too late, tho!), and Will gets put out with me….you can see THIS poster in Lowe’s Home Improvement stores…shot when they were three. (Grammy asked the store manager in her area to note that she wants it when they change their displays…to hang WHERE, I can only imagine!)

This 4′ x 6′ poster hangs over Swiftlock laminate flooring….