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NOT our closet, but how cool is this?!

Towards the end of the summer, I tend to get on a kick of cleaning the house out (an up!) — it starts with going through the boys’ closets, seeing what fits and what we need to start the school year. [That includes snow/ski pants…because, as anyone knows who has tried to find a pair during the first big snow, those items appear in August and sell out by the second week in September. Don’t even get me started on trying to find patio torches after, say, June 1st.]

This year, the master bedroom closet was just begging to be overhauled. Note that, even in the “before” pictures,  though we may not not be candidates for Hoarders, everything is all jammed together. Also, so much more that you can’t see is overflowing from dresser drawers, night stands, and even under the TV cabinet.

The end of the closet looks like a basement storage locker….we don’t even use that luggage. I can’t really reach anything on top, and I own about twenty pairs of jeans…of which about 40% actually fit….but I can’t find those, of course.

A clean slate — I almost re-painted the closet. But, with everything was piled on our bed and the floor, I decided that making this more than a one-day project just wasn’t feasible.

Still NOT our closet….but I love the clean lines and brightness….

Discards first! I tried on a LOT of clothes yesterday. I did keep two small tubs of pieces a bit too small or too large, but anything I haven’t worn in over a year went in the yard sale pile.

Yard sale merchandise — should have taken it to the basement yesterday. I totally tripped over it, coming back from the bathroom, and scared the hell out of Scott AND Bailey at 2 am.

Four hours later….

Doubled available space with drop rods, and brought sweaters and sweats down within reach with hanging organizers.

Seeing all of my black and grey pieces together is the only way to realize that, yes, I have (more than) enough!

Fitness Central….

What I used:

Two (2) drop hanging rods to create lower levels (we already had these, from the boys’ closets, but they’re available (as is everything else I used) at Target, Walmart, and Kmart for around $10 each.

Three-shelf wire shelving (from an earlier incarnation of the home gym)

Two (2) poly-cotton 10-shelf shoe organizers ($5-10 each)

Two (2) poly-cotton 6-shelf organizers (we had these, as well — they retail for $10-15)

Total cost (if purchasing all pieces) under $100 — and the yard sale proceeds next spring should cover most of the that!