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With the summer finally cooling off, we took the opportunity to have dinner at Loxley’s with boys. Scott had been there before and had said that it had neat “tree house” seating, so the boys and I were totally on board.

The drawbridge, with impressive fountains and koi pounds on either side.

Hungry? Aren’t they always? These pond dwellers were each over a foot long!

It totally exceeded all of my expectations — the restaurant is attached to a pretty generic hotel, and, when I learned that it was actually meant to be Robin Hood themed, I was afraid that it would be really hokey and gimicky. But, it totally wasn’t. It has an indoor section, which I didn’t even visit. With two outdoor areas of wonderfully rustic seating, great stone and wide wood plank (some is pressed concrete) flooring, and wrought iron accents, we had to eat outside, for sure. Other than naming some of the dishes after the literary inspirations, the “theme” was very organically (that’s my favorite word lately) established through mood and decor (in other words, no men in green tights or chubby friars strolling about).

Dining in our own Sherwood Forest tree house!

The second grotto-type bar is in the distance.

The upstairs bar is in the background.

The food was phenomenal, as well. I wish I had taken pictures of it, but my phone battery was (as is too often the case) close to death. We all enjoyed a lightly tempura breaded calamari appetizer, with sweet chili dipping sauce. The boys had chicken breast tenders; Scott had a light parmesan chicken pasta; and I ordered a smoked salmon and herb cheese sandwich on super crispy/chewy ciabatta bread, with sweet potato fries that had amazing flavor.

The first Samuel Adams Octoberfest draft of the season. Warm, caramel goodness!

Can’t wait to go back and try some more of the menu — it was so hard to choose just a few things the other evening.