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I’ve tried this a few times and usually forget to take a picture of anything after breakfast, but, today Wednesday, I got it all….the good, the bad, and the salty!

Yes, that was my opening paragraph…two days ago. Got the pictures this time…just didn’t get the post done. Baby steps.

BREAKFAST: Eggo waffles, fresh strawberries, low-sodium Hatfield bacon, lite pancake syrup. VERY yummy. Salty and sweet — I love taste combinations (see Lemon Squares)

Totally organic…locally made yogurt smoothie…..and a can of aspartame. I’m a hot mess of contradictions, aren’t I?

LUNCH: Toasted bagel with brie, broiled — leftover bolognese sauce for dipping. Have I mentioned my love affair with carbohydrates before. Wednesday was an orgy of carbs.

SNACK: Tribe hummus and UTZ rice chips.


DINNER: Pan-fried pork dumplings from Mojo (local Asian fusion restaurant). A deliciously salty (and not all that healthy) grab before catching a movie.

POSTSCRIPT: After virtuously avoiding buttery popcorn and candy AT the movie, my friend and I did stop for FroYo — no pictures, but I had low-fat peanut butter with mini Reese’s cups on top!

Better (healthier?) eating next week — and a more timely post (I hope).