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After being out of town Sunday and Monday, I was SO slow to really get going this  past week. As soon as we got back, I taught Vacation Bible School in the evening.  I didn’t get a decent workout in until Wednesday, and, even then I only did cardio. It felt good, but not great. On Thursday, it looked like I wasn’t going to have time to do ANYTHING, but I managed to squeeze in a longer than usual, brisker than usual walk with Bailey, around 9 pm.

Mentally, I was down in the dumps, feeling like I’d thrown away the great results I’d already seen in week 1, by eating SO much while we were away. I just LOVE food, and, is it just me (it probably is), or does anyone else struggle with paying for   a “plain” chicken breast sandwich or a salad, dressing on the side, hold the steak tips, skip the hard-boiled eggs? I do. I can eat like THAT at home (maybe I should stay home? yeah, no.)

Pretty much what my diet looked like at the beginning of the week……

Friday, though, I got on the treadmill and really pounded out a terrific workout. FINALLY.

For me, the true test is whether I can reach that point where I successfully tune out everything going on upstairs. With two 10-year-old boys and a two-year-old dog, the thumps, bumps, and crashes are almost constant, and my OCD need for control makes it VERY hard to put it all down to “ambient” noise – is that the sound of GLASS breaking up there??!!…she laughs nervously.

As usual, the right tunes helped me get the sweat going and took me right into the zone for a good forty minutes… (ditto Saturday — same treadmill workout!!)

I call this mix ‘Oh, No You Di-dn’t, and I SO did!

Dedication to My Ex (Miss That) / Lloyd with Andre 3000 (WARM UP)

Fighter / Christina Aguilera

Forget You / Cee Lo Green

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ / Scissor Sisters

If We Ever Meet Again / Timbaland with Katy Perry

Lie to Me / Daniel Powter

Freak the Freak Out / Victoria Justice

Good Gone Girl / Mika (COOL DOWN)