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Ready to come off of the grill…..

Looking for am easy dinner idea idea last evening, I decided to make my go-to grilled chicken legs, simply prepared with a little butter and lemon-pepper seasoning. I usually boil fresh sweet corn to go with, but, with perfect timing, a blogging friend posted a recipe for grilling the corn in the husk. Super easy and something I’ve never done before..

Using my Kindle Fire to keep Diane’s instructions close by.

Diane’s blog, Photographs and Recipes, is a fantastic mix of cooking, creating, and family (including her furry family members). Check it out!!…..

The easy instructions for my whole meal…..

First, I turned on the outside two burners of my four burner Napoleon gas grill (two side, one center, and one back rotisserie), planning to cook the chicken in the center, with indirect heat, to cut down on flame-ups — preheated for about ten minutes (grill lid thermometer read 250 and rising when I put chicken on…read 350 during cooking).

I rinsed eight chicken drumsticks , put them on a platter, placed them skin side up in the middle of the grill, brushed it with butter, and sprinkled it liberally with lemon pepper seasoning. Planned on 45 minutes for the chicken legs and washed the platter for carrying the finished products back inside.

We get our corn from a farm down the road, and they plant a variety called “Whiteout” with medium-sized white kernels.

I peeled back the husks (without removing), removed the silks, and rinsed the ears. I spread the cobs with a new Smoky Barbecue grilling butter bv Aux Delices des Bois that we sampled at another market this week and pulled the husks back up, securing them at the top with a piece of husk. I placed the ears on the grill, closer to the actual burners at the side, with about fifteen minutes left for the chicken.

Everything finished up right at the forty-five minute mark. We added some fresh tomato slices and my Creamy Cucumber and Onion Salad. Even the boys ate well — one or two chicken legs each, corn, and some fresh strawberries ( or applesauce, for Evan).