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The twins turned TEN on Tuesday. I cannot believe that it’s been a decade since I uttered these completely stoned words, when my mother and sister arrived at the hospital in Baltimore at 2 am…..”We get to keep them and take them home with us, too!!!!”

I’m still trying to recall what I was so damn happy about!? Just kidding! It’s been an amazing ride, so far, watching the boys grow into their own distinct personalities. I’m thankful, now, that I wrote their names on the back of EVERY picture we took of them.

YOU knew that was Will on the left, right? (09/2002)

We’re celebrating their birthday next weekend with a getaway for the four of us, to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water theme park), but we had some fun on their actual birthday, too.

Two hours at That Bounce Place and Burger King for lunch (equals two 10-year-olds in an activity coma for the afternoon….nice)

Post bouncing….coin operated massage chairs at That Bounce Place?? Go figure.

As I’ve mentioned before, this summer has been a bit of a “moody” one for boys…..here and there, they seem to be struggling with thinking they are about to get their driver’s licenses (they’re not!) or are still the kids that have twenty stuffed animals on their beds (they do!).

This “confusion” resulted a some teary drama (I thought girls were supposed to be moody?!) over what they wanted on their birthday cake (for a family gathering at Grammy’s). We suggested Pokemon — they flipped out — “too childish!” — even though they still play with the cards a few times a week. We suggested Mario and Luigi — “NO WAY!” — again, they spends hours a week with these “guys”.

We settled on “nothing” but balloon and sprinkles, and they left for a weekend with Grammy — with Scott and I picking them up and enjoying cake and ice cream on Sunday.  Lo and behold…..Mario Brothers “action figures” had been added to the cake…..

I didn’t say a THING.