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Thankfully, this guy is NOT leading my workouts….

I’m pleased to announce that today was DAY 1 of my participation in Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp (the second one she’s offered, I believe). It’s been far too long since I’ve been on the exercise wheel on anything approaching a regular basis. AND, just to make it extra fun, I decided to put on five pounds over the past two weeks (anyone who readย We Came, We Saw, We ATE should have no reason to wonder HOW that happened)!

Tina is a real sweetheart and has provided EVERYTHING we need to get the most out of the camp (sorry, registration is closed for this session!) – we’re getting exercise overviews, nutritional guidelines, weekly exercise plans (as well as modifications, links to demos, and lots of flexibility) for the eight-week camp, PLUS an awesome prize pool. With 270 participants and an active Facebook group, I’m looking forward to getting a ton out of it.

Today’s cardio was “20 minutes of 60/60 HIIT”. Let me tell you that I am such a novice exerciser (despite belonging to one gym or another for years) that I had NO idea what that meant. Thankfully, Tina supplied a very helpful description, and I chose to do my workout on the treadmill (in our basement).ย 

Unfortunately, neither is HE.

You should know that I DO NOT run on the treadmill…..or, rather, I didn’t until TODAY.

First, I warmed up with 30 minutes of Just Dance 3. A bit of overkill as far as “warm-ups” go, but I love me some Just Dance 3, and HAD to do Katy Perry, Cee-Lo, LMFAO, Scissor Sisters, Jessie J, AND Taio Cruz. Just shy of breaking a sweat, when I hopped on the treadmill.

I did my 60/60 intervals as 60 secs walking at 3.0 mph alternating with 60 secs running at 6.0 mph. This was HUGE for me. I felt like I could “just” make it through the 6.0 mph bits, but I did it!

Later this evening, I tackled her Workout A strength training workout…made up of upper body supersets. Three good sets of each pair and DONE!

I’m definitely someone who needs accountability to motivate me, so, if I don’t keep posting about this, ASK ME ABOUT IT!

Not THIS…..but I do love Donald Duck.