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Bailey is not entirely sold on the “slippy” sensation of the water-resistant canvas in his travel zone….

I’ve recommitted to trying to keep the interior of the car clean(er)….after the two hours that I spent vacuuming Bailey’s fur out of my car. Even though he rides in the cargo area, the fur-nadoes had breached the front seat this week, swirling around my head whenever the windows were open.

My seat….temporarily free of fur (and coffee stains, melted chocolate, and sunscreen)

The AKC logo is a completely unnecessary embellishment, but the liner was the right size (and the right price…$9.99) at Home Goods. It makes Bailey giggle.

Less than 24 hours later, Bailey has again in-fur-trated the car…highlighting once again, that love knows no color (and overlooks compulsions)….the only way that I can explain my almost exclusively black wardrobe, black car interior, and WHITE, heavy-shedding dog. Go figure.