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I did it. I bought a Kindle. A Kindle Fire.

I realize that there exist two (and probably more than two) camps of avid readers with different opinions of e-readers. Some bibliophiles regret the loss of connection to the printed wood, the turned-down page corners, and the FEEL of a traditional book. Others point to the marginalia that they pepper the volumes that they own with. On this point, many e-readers offer options for adding notes, highlighting, etc.

I do love the look and feel of books, but the main reasons that I was avoiding e-readers were the guilty stares of the hundred some books in my to-read backlog (most of which I already own).

When the Kindle Fire came out….as a reasonably-priced “tablet” alternative, complete with Android Apps, I was smitten. With a bigger screen than my phone and weighing far less than my laptop, I was most interested in using the WordPress app to update Squirrel Circus and to read the blogs that I follow.

That’s why it’s #1 on my Top Five Things I Love About My Kindle Fire…..

1. Perfect device for blogging on the go.

2. Magazines that I already subscribe to are available for FREE on the Kindle Fire. I’ve downloaded Entertainment Weekly and Self so far. In Self, you can click on the exercises to see a demo video…very cool!

3. I can practice Angry Birds, so I can hold my own with the boys. Although I still can’t make those “white” egg-laying birds work for me.

4.  I can read in bed without disturbing Scott (and without wearing my LED dog-walking baseball hat….trust me, it’s a really sexy look)

the Pup PowerCap for ladies, LED-lighted ball cap

5. Our public library loans hundreds of current titles for FREE.

I’ve also just added a drawing app that looks very cool. If I have any success with it, I’ll post my art!