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My first attempt to use the “fireworks” setting on my camera…very confused by the length of exposure, but I like this shot.

A sure sign that the birth of our great nation was just around the corner was the sudden appearance of the yellow and white fireworks tents in every parking lot. I usually stop at one and pick up some sparklers and small fireworks, to do at our house on the fourth.

This year…HELLO! What’s this? A massive fireworks warehouse has opened across town….

Turns out that Keystone Fireworks, located in Pennsylvania manufactures pyrotechnics used all across the U.S. of A., and they’ve started opening superstores all over the place.  BUT, they can’t sell 85% of what they manufacture to Pennsylvania Residents. Huh? Yup. Pennsylvania shoppers are cordoned off into a small front area of the store, and given the following spiel…..

Restrictions for Pennsylvania Residents:

A section of the store is dedicated to Pennsylvania residents only. Pennsylvania residents may purchase sparklers, fountains, ground spinners, smoke devices and other Pennsylvania approved items anytime. Pennsylvania residents who wish to purchase aerial devices, firecrackers, roman candles and other 1.4G consumer fireworks can only do so if they possess a valid permit issued by an appropriate official of the municipality in which the fireworks will be used.

**insert sad organ sound here** BUT, with the houses in our neighborhood each on less than a 1/4 acre, I wasn’t really in the market for a mortar launcher anyway.

MY favorite, this year, was a little something called the BUNKER BOMB. It started out with a decent shower of sparks, sloooowwwwed down, then went NUTS! And so did the boys. Everybody took a big jump back, and I crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t  blow up my car!

I shot this video….definitely a “wait for it….” display — you can hear us all laughing like crazy people after it finally blew out.