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I’ve tried two of the three available flavors and can report that they are quite tasty!

Upon arriving at CVS yesterday, I was initially unable to locate the bars in question, and was starting to panic. Turned out that they were, um, in a giant display in the center of the store.  Crisis averted. They were on sale for 3 for $3 (regularly $1.49 each, I think).

The Peanut Butter Cream is delicious and tastes a lot like Tagalongs. It also tastes like Reese’s Crispy Bars (a good thing to remember, when these “limited editions” are gone).

The Thin Mint tastes exactly like it’s cookie counterpart, and I stayed true to the way that I eat the cookie — I refrigerated the candy bar. YUM.

All in all — tasty treats; particularly if they’re on sale.  Try one!