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Please note! “Radically” changing the format (style?) of my book reviews to keep them short(er) and (hopefully) more useful. Rather than spending time trying to sound “smart” (and failing – ha ha)…welcome to the new squirrel-style review…..

reviewed for LibraryThing – on sale July 2012

  • Lockman can write. She was a successful magazine journalist. That part she’s got covered. But, a psychotherapist?
  • She chose to do her intern year at Brooklyn’s Kings County Hospital. WHY? Her fiance interns at prestigious Columbia-Presbyterian. I was forced to conclude that she’s either masochistic or not too bright or BOTH. 
  • Her experience (as she tells it) is one depressing moment after another. Her supervisors are half-assed, the facilty is nasty (AND under federal investigation), the focus is NOT on therapy, and psychiatry trumps psychology every day. 
  • Lockman over thinks EVERYTHING and UNDER-shares what would really be interesting. She thanks her parents for being “undisguised subjects in their daughter’s memoir” but barely touches on what she implies is a difficult relationship with her mother. What about her fiance? How are they handling their very different clinical experiences? 
  • Competent writing — boring content. I give it two acorns…..