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I am definitely feeling the love this week —- most particularly from a dear blogging friend, Little Miss Obsessive’s Anatomy. She’s named me in FOUR award nominations that she received this week, and I could not be more grateful! *SMILE*

Having said that, I will now make every effort to properly attend to each of the honors I’ve received.

The Beautiful Blogger and Versatile Blogger Awards…..


I like to think that these awards, particularly the Versatile Blogger, speak to the fact that I have NO niche! This can be very hard on your stats….with folks never knowing if they are going to get a recipe for ribs, a book review, or a crazy video of my dog! Sometimes I think that if I just picked one and ran with it, I’d have more followers….maybe? But Squirrel Circus is very true to who I am — ALL over the place, and I cherish my followers who can appreciate/tolerate that approach to blogging. *HUGS*

I found Miss Obsessive’s “7 Things” about herself revealing AND entertaining, as she can be counted on to be in every post. Check her out! Without further ado……mine…

  1. I really, really want a Kindle Fire. (not to read books, silly – to use as a tablet on which you could read books….if you wanted to…..but mostly so my 40-year-old eyes don’t have to squint at my phone when I’m reading blogs on the go!)
  2. I almost needed stitches yesterday, after a run-in with my new knives. I think that the “must be hand washed” edict is evidence of collusion between KitchenAid and emergency rooms everywhere.
  3. I hate watching award shows of any kind because of the awkward acceptance speeches.
  4. I often have Diet Coke and peanut butter cups for breakfast.
  5. The high point of my limited athletic career was two weeks ago when the parents beat the 4th graders in Will’s class at kickball.
  6. I like to iron. Really.
  7. In my 20s, I used to get out of speeding tickets by telling the officer that I was lost, which was TRUE, usually on the back roads of Virginia, during college. I’d dodge the ticket AND get a police escort back to the highway. Win-win.

Reader Appreciation and Cuddly Blogger Awards…..

The pretty flower (sunflower variant?) on the left wanted to know “what you’ve been up to lately”, so, hmmmmm. I’ve been enjoying being off for the summer, going to the pool with the boys, and taking Bailey to the dog park almost every morning. Also planning to spend time with my mom, who is also off for the summer and only 40 minutes away. In fact, the boys are at her house for a few days, which they love and Scott and I appreciate!

The cuddly puppy wants to hear a story about a time I felt like giving someone a hug. Other than daily hugs for the twins, hubby, and dog, I definitely felt like hugging my good friend when I saw her on Wednesday, and I can’t remember if I actually DID or not (she’ll read this and tell me!)  One of her sons has been sick, and it was so nice to see her back out and about, and to hear that he was doing better. 🙂

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