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When Will and I brought home our bag of freshly-baked fortune cookies, I guess that I had the idea that I would eat my way through a fresh fortune on a daily basis. It’s almost like I thought that the fortunes magically arrive in the cookies and ARE person specific. OKAY. Not so much.

Apparently, there are only three or four distinct fortunes in THIS bag — and 40% of those fortunes say….

“Don’t be hasty, prosperity will knock on your door soon.”

Is it possible that the fortunes have divined that I am the kind of person who needs to hear something a hundred times before it sinks in? I am, of course, also HASTY….not necessarily in life decisions, but I do tend to zip through my day at breakneck speed. Not the first time I’ve been told to slow down, by far, so it’s definitely worth considering.

I can never remember what you’re supposed to do if you want a fortune to come true? Bury it in the ground? Eat the paper? Sleep with it under your pillow?

I put one of these in my wallet, where it can keep company with the “scariest” fortune (and possibly most timely advice) I’ve ever gotten. It was decades ago, in college, and I was in a bad relationship, making bad decisions. Out to dinner with other friends, we all opened and read our fortunes out loud.

As we went around the table, everyone had typically vague, encouraging fortunes….except me…”Remember that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Come again?! Duly noted. Time for a change, and I went ahead and made some that turned out to be just right.

What’s the most interesting fortune you’ve ever received?