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Summer is my favorite time of year, and one of my favorite places to be is in our backyard. Or, on the patio, to be more specific. Despite being very close (like, “want me to scratch that for you?” close) to our neighbors on all sides, it still feels private – thanks to Scott’s creative landscaping.

Choosing to ignore my initial request for a fast-growing fortress of Leyland Cypress…

…he’s created a wonderful outdoor oasis, using far more varieties of beautifully full foliage than I would ever have chosen, and I love it.

I love this spot, because the opening in the plantings doesn’t make the patio seem totally closed in, but it matches up nicely with our neighbors shed and humongous pines, so it’s still nice and private.

The butterfly garden along the walkway from the top of the drive. Honeybees and butterflies — this section hums all summer. In the fall, we usually find at least one praying mantis egg case, too.

My morning coffee spot. Bailey usually joins me for a nice nap at my feet.

My contributions are limited to plants in pots. Ha ha. I loved the look of this fern, but I should have put a lead brick in the pot — it blows over once a week. The post it’s next to is from the pergola over the end of the patio.

An alternate use for the stand that the fern started out on, out back — definitely more stable under the front porch roof 

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