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Tough, scrappy, and little bit crazy?

That’s Bailey, the Robert De Niro of the dog park, fresh from his most recent scrape at the park. It went a little something like this…

Bailey: Yo, Dexter! Whassup? (as he cruises up next to Dexter – a Native American Indian dog who’s a bit of a loner)

Dexter: Just getting my drink on at the old water bowl. (one of TWENTY in the park)

Bailey: I could use a drink myself. Slide over buddy.

Dexter: Grrrrrrrr

Bailey: “You talkin’ to ME?!”

Dexter: I don’t want any trouble, buddy, but, by the way….grrrrrrrr

Bailey: “Oh, it’s ON!”

This is the point where my friend, Jill, (Dexter’s owner) and I try to start grabbing collars out of the snarling throw-down that resulted…..and fail miserably, especially me — left holding Bailey’s collar…after he pulled out of it, to get back to the brawl. Eventually, Jill dragged Dexter away and I jumped on Bailey.

Bailey: “I totally HAD that, Mom — why’d you stop the fight?—- Hey…..I’m bleeding here….and there…..and here…..awww, man…why do we have to LEAVE?? It doesn’t even HURT… seriously, Mom? Bummer”

With a total of eight puncture wounds spread across both sides of his face, the top of his head, and his neck — Liz, one of Bailey’s favorite vet techs, noted that they don’t see a lot of dogs that get bitten in the face as often as Bailey. Why?

Most dogs apparently get bitten in the side, the back, or the legs; protecting their face, going for the other dog’s legs, and/or trying to leave a fight. Right. Makes sense….just not to Bailey, who will NOT back down and seems to target dogs with the same mindset. Terrific.

Truth be told, we’re a little (just a little) impressed by his sheer fortitude and fearlessness, but would prefer our dog un-perforated at the end of the day. That, and the vet visits can get expensive. No stitches this time – just ten days of the biggest antibiotic capsules I’ve ever seen and anti-inflammatory pills, also.

For his part, Bailey could care less and couldn’t wait to get back to the park this morning, but we made our visit very short, just enough time to get his run on and play with his Great Dane buddy, Dozer. We left before it got crowded and will probably make that our plan going forward — that and leaving if he starts elbowing his way into anyone’s personal space……

image from littlemisseverything.wordpress.com