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Having just finished my advance copy of Most Talkative (www.librarything.com Early Reviewers) , I think that I owe Andy Cohen an apology….not that he KNEW that I thought he was all fluff and no substance up until I read his book. Really.

I’ve watched the Real Housewives franchise sporadically, including a few of the reunion shows (don’t judge!). I assumed that Cohen was “cast” off the street, so to speak, to be the snarky, sensitive, awkward, and instigating (by turns) host of said reunions (as well as the VERY entertaining Watch What Happens Live).

But, NO. He’s actually the executive vice-president of development and talent at Bravo who played a big part in conceiving shows like Top Chef, Flipping Out, and The Real Housewives). This, after quite a few years at CBS, many producing CBS This Morning. Yes, he knows they were never a “contenda”, but STILL —   way more journalistic cred than I ever suspected.

To this point, one of the best things about his memoir is that he doesn’t really get to the Housewives until more than half-way through the book. And, when he does, he doesn’t rely on exclusive “dirt” to keep interest up. A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into producing the franchise is just as interesting.

With Most Talkative, Cohen starts at the beginning – his beginning – looking back at early, important relationships with friends and family with whom he is obviously still close. He discusses his experience coming out as a gay man in the 1980s, in his first gig at CBS (as an intern with Erin Moriarty), covering the bombing of Oklahoma City, and interviews/episodes with the likes of Tammy Faye Baker, Susan Lucci, and Oprah (with whom he has had three self-proclaimed “strikes”).

Most Talkative is an entertaining and well-written memoir that’s more about friendship, family, and personal drive than “real” housewives and will interest any fan of Cohen, a Bravolebrity in his own right.