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Last Saturday, Will and I thoroughly enjoyed his Day-Out-With-Mom trip to New York City, about a month after Evan and I went. The weather was fantastic, and we did some of the same fun stuff that Evan and I did, as well new stuff — like riding the subway!

Fresh fortune cookies — YUMMY!

Will became completely enamored of the availability of drinks, snacks, and reading material at every corner (even underground).

Mr. Cool, enjoying the ride to Chinatown.

One of a dozen fresh fish stands in Chinatown. Mouth-watering wares…..but a little smelly.

Fish stand management.

We admired the “paw-waving” cat statues at this store AND stocked up on Pokemon cards that were, “a great deal!”, according to this customer.

I am OBSESSED with the snow monkeys at the Central Park Zoo.

….and the mongoose (or is it mon-geese? LOL)

World’s spiciest (curry) street gyro….we only made it through HALF.

MUCH better – perfect end to the day!!