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When the boys are amazed (and dismayed) at how often I forget things here and there, I try to explain that I have a lot on my mind every day, like ALL moms, but they aren’t impressed.

Nothing life or death on the list, to be sure, but here’s a sample of what’s knocking around up there today…..

  • Saxophones. Two saxophones. The intermediate school music program presentation was yesterday, and both boys want to play the saxophone. I love that they want to take an instrument, but sharing ONE saxophone is out of the question. I see that Evan has helpfully marked a must-attend parent orientation meeting on the 30th on my calendar. I will, at this meeting, be able to make arrangements with one of two “preferred vendors” to rent TWO saxophones for next year. Goody.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve seen the dog dragging his ass on the ground (and the carpet). Other than this indelicate behavior, there were no other indication of anal gland issues. Everything seems okay now. Phew!
  • The dentist’s office called AGAIN to schedule us all. I already DID. That our dentist decided to take his vacation during our June appointments has put it BACK on my list of things to do.
  • Damn you, digital scale! I know, I know – it serves Scott right for weighing himself in the evening (as well as in the morning), but you’re making him crazy – displaying a different weight every time he steps on (three times in ten minutes this evening). Just die already, so I can buy a new scale.
  • Annual review? I haven’t had one of those in over a decade, and for this one, I have to “review” myself first and THEN meet with our principal to see what he thinks of the job I’ve been doing. I wonder if anyone EVER rates themselves as NOT “meeting expectations”? I doubt it.
  • A bill from an actual collection agency. Terrific. CoreSource strikes again. Scott’s employer, the hospital, has sent us to collections. Nice. Why? Because the insurance we have THROUGH them can’t seem to process our claims correctly. This particular claim has been rejected twice on the grounds that “accident details are needed.” It was a MAMMOGRAM!!
  • Where are the pool passes?! I renewed months ago, but have used the same ID cards forever and CANNOT find them. Of course, the pool opens this weekend. This is about as aggravating as the time my driver’s license was stolen four days before I turned 21. Ugh.

What’s taking up space in YOUR head today?