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I pull into the driveway and realize that the boys have already gotten home. Damn! Quick check of my lipstick in the rear view mirror, get out of the car, brush my hands off, and head inside. I feel so guilty…..yet, oh so satisfied. No one needs to know, I tell myself, as I flick a bit of errant icing off of my shirt.

YES, I’m having a clandestine affair with SNACKS….specifically, a glazed doughnut, purchased on the way home from work yesterday afternoon and eaten in the car.

Isn’t one of the signs of troubling behavior the act of HIDING said behavior from friends and family? I think so. In my defense, I’ve been DRIVEN to this in an attempt to make a POSITIVE change in the boys’ eating habits…….REALLY…. it’s for the “kids”!

Every day, when they come home from school, they are STARVING and ready to eat a full meal at 3:30. I’ve eaten with them at school, and with the rushing to eat and the total chaos in the lunchroom, they hardly eat — whether I pack or they buy. If I give in and pull together an early dinner, they’re not hungry when Scott and I get around to eating, BUT they’re hungry again before bed. The timing is just ALL off.

While I was expressing, to Scott, my frustration over this, he gave me one of his “where do you think they get THAT from?” speeches, pointing at the peanut brittle I  was snacking on while making dinner. Point taken. I’ve tried to be better about not snacking between meals, but it’s KILLING ME. I mean, I’m used to snacking all day AND eating three squares…..SO….HUNGRY….FEED ME….Hence the inhaling pastries in the car on the way home from work. The day before that, it was a three-pack of Reese’s (my favorites!)

The boys are adapting well to a small snack after school and a good dinner, AT dinner time, AND Mom’s not cranky and hungry all of the time. Everybody wins!!!! Right?