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The confession that I am about to make should come as no surprise to my family. I am geographically illiterate. My father blamed it on changes in the 4th grade curriculum that rendered the class of ’89 unable to label a map of the world. While I appreciate the out, it hardly explains why I used to get lost traveling the six miles from my first job to my house.

All excuses aside, the mistake that I made the other day was SHAMELESS. My dad undoubtedly rolled (while laughing) over in his grave.

I was reviewing the “stats” for Squirrel Circus one morning and proclaimed, to someone NOT looking at the following map, that I even had some visitors from Greenland! Really? It’s certainly possible…or IS it?

Yes, in one rush to judgement, I swept away the citizenship of our dear friends in Alaska AND shrunk Greenland significantly. Oops!

This recent map misstep reminds me of a similar gaff, almost 15 years ago, that a) proves that I am a lost cause (get it? LOST – ha ha) and b) my husband knew me TOO well, even then.

The friend throwing my bridal shower thought that it would be a cute idea to give Scott a list of questions to answer about me – that I would then have to answer, myself, at the shower. It would be fun(ny) to see how close our answers were.

In his absence, Scott was almost perfect, five questions in, when he batted THIS one out of the park… “What’s the furthest that Virginia has ever traveled from home?”

Without hesitating, I answered “The Bahamas!! Twice!”

His answer? “She’ll say “The Bahamas” because she thinks being out of the country makes it automatically further away. The correct answer is San Diego, where we vacationed last year.” DAMN! Needless to say, everyone at the shower had a huge laugh at my expense.

Anyone else have any embarrassing gaps in their knowledge base?