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Good morning! It has come to by attention (via my wonderful friend ‘H&Rs Mommy’) that I have been AWOL for over a week. I am, in fact, very much alive, and wish to extend loving thanks to the roughly twenty new and old visitors who keep coming back every day, despite the lack of new content.

SO busy with work (I know! First time all year – mwah ha ha). Faced with the less than timely notification that an inventory of “my” library needed to be finalized by the end of May — I’ve applied my laser-like obsessive compulsive focus to personally scanning all 14,000 odd volumes over the past week. I’m proud to say that I am down to 56 “missing” volumes, this after finding a stockpile of books in my predecessor’s desk — among them the Human Sexuality volume of each of our “health” encyclopedias (no brown wrappers, but VERY hard to find).

This discovery reminded me that I have yet to “review” the Guinness Book of World Records 2012 before putting it into circulation. I’m not sure WHAT I’m supposed to do THEN — the twins already pointed out the Dutch gentleman who holds the record for “most bras unhooked with one hand (in some sort of time period)”. While generally opposed to any sort of censorship, I do keep an eye on age appropriateness (K-4) and may need to ship it to the high school. Teenage boys need goals, too!