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A woman sitting nearby, with a friend, says, “Steve wants to celebrate our 30th anniversary with some kind of party. *sighs* Seems kind of pointless to me. I mean, sure, we’ve been at this for thirty years, but it’s not like I’m there, at all, emotionally. Know what IΒ  mean?”

No, I don’t think she did. Her friend was nodding, in the weakest way possible, probably thinking, “I’m SO glad that I’m not you. I actually DON’T hate my husband and can, in no way, comprehend what you are talking about. I am nodding because I’ve known you for ten years, and it’s not easy making new friends at this point in our lives. Besides, you make me feel better about myself, and isn’t that what it’s all really about? ”

Bitter woman takes a deep breath and concludes the one-sided conversation by saying, “Eh, we’ll probably do it. It’ll be fun for the kids, anyway.”

Poor Steve.