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As much as I hate to overdo alliteration, the above was the title that popped into my mind when I started writing, so I’ve kept it.

I’ve been spending more time in my library/writing room at home, which is a good thing and means that I’m writing more. I would love to have Bailey (my faithful shadow), hang out with me, but a) the room is really small (small like it used to be a walk-in closet small) and b) there’s a big comfy bed just outside the door, in the guest room, that he prefers.

Since the weather has improved, though, Bailey has been making tentative forays into the library, mostly to look out of the window onto the street in front of our house (yes, the walk-in closet has an window and a heat/AC vent, FANCY!).

I thought (because I can read dog minds) that he might like a comfy spot to lay under the window, so I bought him a color-coordinated fleece blanket (exhibit A)

I think that he would have liked it, too….if it hadn’t assaulted him.

Half a turn into his four turns and a twist (before sitting) routine, I heard it. Little snapping noises that I couldn’t quite place. Then, I realized, it was SHOCKING him on his little paw pads every time he took a step. He looked thoroughly confused, but he kept going. After a minute or so, he stopped and stalked out of the room, looking totally disgusted.

I’ve tried to entice him back in since, but he’s having none of it. I can only hope that as the humidity increases, I can interest him in trying it out again…..