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Now that Titanic is coming out again, in Imax and 3D, I was thinking about the several times that I’ve seen all or part of the original film.

I remember initially having no interest in seeing it, citing the “spoiler” factor — you know how it ends before it starts.

When I finally saw it, Scott and I were at The Senator, a fabulous vintage art deco theater in Baltimore.

We were trying to become more involved (as in more than “not at all”) in the church that we’d joined before our wedding. I dragged Scott to a “young adult” group outing to the theater. The group had rented a private viewing balcony, we didn’t know another soul there, and there was wine. I don’t cry at movies, but I bawled….somewhat uncontrollably… at the end. I think it was the wine.

When we bought our first home theater system (2002), Titanic was one of the films we watched in surround sound; most noticeable in the final moments of the ship splitting in half and everything/everybody falling into the water.

The irony of the home theater purchase was that we bought it because we knew we’d be home a lot, with the babies, but I wouldn’t let Scott turn it up to anywhere near it’s potential…because of the babies. As falling into water is one of my greatest fears, I didn’t need the plunge into icy water and certain death to sound all that real anyway.

How things change! We watched Titanic recently, at home with the boys, now 9-year-olds, and there were no tears. It’s hard to cry when the people sitting next you are saying…

“Ouch! That’s gotta hurt — that propeller’s gonna leave a mark, dude!”

“Do you think he’s dead yet? He’s all frozen. I bet he’s dead.”

“What does the old lady have to do with anything?”

“Who throws a priceless gem into the ocean?!”

Yep, they killed it for me.

Oh well — I get sick at IMAX shows anyway…..