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You would think that it would be relatively difficult to draw blood working in the library. You go into it knowing that you’re at risk for the occasional paper cut, but it’s a pretty safe work environment. Until today…

I was sitting at my desk basking in the glow of a big shipment of new books for the library (I know – book geek, through and through). I had just started covering the paperbacks with clear plastic when….

Extending the life of an otherwise inexpensive paperback with what looks like clear shelf paper.

I was clipping off the excess at the corner of a cover, and a small piece of sticky plastic got gummed up in the scissors….

With both hands occupied, I leaned over to grab it out with my teeth (the picture of grace at the office). Before I knew it, it was stuck between my lips, like Scotch wrapping tape. Only wrapping tape doesn’t rip the skin off of the inside of your mouth. Yeeeooouch! Without thinking, I pulled it right off, along with a patch of skin from BOTH lips!

You know how you bite your mouth or tongue, and you think it might be bleeding, but it really isn’t and just hurts like hell? Well, both lips were bleeding, and I had to sit there with a wet paper towel in my mouth for the next ten minutes.

Six hours later and it still hurts, every time I close my mouth. Dinner involved marinara sauce and was ridiculously painful.

Don’t feel too bad for me — I’m consumed with enough self-pity for all of us.