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Please accept my sincere apologies for the disruption in service at the front desk. I had to fire the last concierge when I took over managing the hotel several weeks ago.  

Squirrel Circus (Taps Pets Hotel, Central PA)

One of the boys’ favorite games to play on their iPods is Taps Pet Hotel.

The day that they got the game (which is FREE), they asked if they could buy some “treats” for their pets, and pay me back with their own money.

BONUS: A gold star to any reader who can already see where this is headed, and I’m sure many of you can!

I approved the $4.99 purchase and entered my iTunes password. When Will approached me an hour later with another $10, saying he’d already bought something else, I deleted my credit card from the account and asked Will if it had asked for the password again, and it hadn’t. The boys got a lecture on buying more than we said they could and wasting money.

Fast forward a month, and the bill arrived this week.

I’m sure that this comes as no surprise to those sharp readers who “got” the bonus above!

Further discussion with the boys revealed that they DID receive a bunch of treats, coins, etc., but didn’t think they “bought” anything else. That’s when I did some research and found THIS…..

What?! I’m just glad I removed the credit card almost immediately. In two hours, they spent $145 — and I honestly believe that they thought they hadn’t bought anything because they didn’t have to have me enter my password. Am I a sucker? Maybe – but only to the tune of $145, thankfully. I do feel like I now OWN their hotels, hence the message from management.

The funny part (if there is one) was Scott and I actually worrying that they were going to have to watch their animals die or move out. It wouldn’t have changed anything we did, but I think we were a little sad. The kids finally assured us that it wouldn’t go down like that.

PHEW! I can’t afford to have unhappy customers. My AAA rating could suffer.