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Be warned — in the category “looks much worse than it had to be is”, the following is way up there…..

Loyal fans of The Captain AND people who may have taken my advice about using PetSmart day camp, we had a bit of a bumpy afternoon yesterday….

As you may remember, we were pleased with the care that Bailey received after his small scrap in camp a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I received a similar phone call about a small puncture he received on his cheek while playing with a friend. They wanted to run him over to Banfield (the vet within the store) to have it cleaned up.

I was completely unprepared for the end result — when we came to pick him up, as scheduled, around 3pm.

Because they felt that the puncture (at small arrow) had created a “pocket” in his cheek, they put him under general anesthesia, cut two BIGGER slits in his face, inserted a drain, and put him in a “cone of shame”. Needless to say, I was upset. Upset that this “had” to be done.

We checked him out without even grabbing his collar and lease and took him right over to Neffsville Veterinary Clinic (our vet) where they confirmed that the treatment was “a bit aggressive” and assured us that he could safely have the drain removed (by them) as early as Friday.

They also were able to confirm that Banfield had used the same anesthetic,  surgical, and pharmaceutical protocol that they would have used (had they been inclined to perform unnecessary surgery on my dog) which was somewhat comforting.

As much as Bailey enjoyed the staff and pets at PetSmart, he will NOT be going back. We only have about ten weeks till school is out, and he will back at either Neffsville or Gochenauer’s for daycare (not camp) until my school year is over.

Note: PetSmart did cover the Banfield bill (as they should), but we feel much better having our vet provide the followup, at our cost.