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This is certainly a knock-on-wood kind of statement, BUT — the Captain has shown marked improvement in respecting the possessions of his two-legged housemates.

I know that we were all a little shocked by the break-in, abduction, and assault on Mr. Bear a while back. Extensive analysis of the footage of the incident has led us to conclude that the motive was, in fact, a matter of boredom and ease of access. One quick fix is locking the two doors with the tastiest temptations behind them (the boys’ rooms).

I think it’s also safe to say that we have significantly adjusted our expectations of how long the Captain can keep it together before he goes foraging for fun. We’re sticking to excursions of one to two hours at the moment.

It’s amazing how much you can fit in there, without feeling time crunched. As a family, we have gone to soccer games, attended the school play, dined out several times, and shopped at Target and the grocery store – all in the last month. It’s been a while since Scott threw around phrases like “that’s a deal-breaker” and “ruined our lives”, so we’re all pretty happy.

We also followed through on purchasing a small additional selection of toys that he only has access to when we are away. This has seemed to have kept interest in them high and has forestalled premature fits of boredom in the Captain. We couldn’t do it without these guys………