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Here we are. February 29th – that magical extra day added to the calendar to keep us in sync with the stargazers.

Unfortunately, it’s not a freebie, not the actual generation of time that would otherwise not exist. It’s just  the day between Tuesday, February 28th and Thursday, March 1st. As such, I have a “the usual” on my agenda for the day-feed the dog, pack the lunches, drop off the kids, go to work, etc.

BUT, what if it was a freebie? An anomaly in the fabric of time that just appended another 24 hours to a day already in progress. What would you do? Aren’t we always saying “if only there were more hours in the day”?

Obviously, a lot would depend on what everyone else decided to do with the time. If no one was manning the espresso machine at Starbucks, that would be sad, obviously. And, yes, I see plenty of other logistical issues with the freebie day — doesn’t everybody get really tired? Is it daylight or no? will there be law and order? Suspend reality, folks, it’s MAGIC (**mysterious waving of hands in front of face**)

Now that we’ve established the ground rules (or lack thereof), HERE’s what I would do with extra time in the day..any day…I’m not picky.

  • Assemble the boys’ baby albums (they’re 9-years old).
  • Read to the boys. They’ve been able to read, themselves, for so long, now, that I don’t read aloud anymore.
  • Watch the ten hours of programming saved on the DVR.
  • Clean the baseboards, so, the next time I find myself eye to eye with one, I’m not totally grossed out.
  • Spend a couple of hours at the dog park with Bailey-long enough to see if he eventually slows down – I haven’t seen it happen, yet.
  • Figure out what all of the random keys in the junk drawer do.
  • Start teaching the boys to play the piano. I bought beginners’ books for them about three years ago. I should add finding the books to this list.
  • Can something. My sister does this, and the results are yummy. I bought all of the gear last year, and did nothing with it.
  • Finish knitting the scarf I’ve been working on for three years…before, once again, the seasons change, and it seems pointless all over again.

What would you do? Try to really DO it (or at least start) today!