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Puberty has been a hot topic in our house lately, as a direct result of the “Bonding Links” program at school that the 4th grade boys were invited to attend with their fathers a couple of weeks ago.

Our boys almost didn’t go — and would totally have been my fault.  When the fliers for the event came home from school, I did something that I am always yelling at Scott for (which he pointed out a HEARTBEAT later).

“Guyyyyys! – You got the invitation for “THE TA-ALLKKK”!” I’m not sure WHAT I was thinking. Of course, they said, “No way!”

I let it go until the RSVP date was upon us. That evening, Scott said that he thought they should go, and, like that, they were back on board (am I the only mother whose husband has “superhero” status, while I shuffle along somewhere between indentured servant and object of withering disdain? Just checking.)

I later found out from another mom that this was the “intro” course to “THE TALK”, which actually occurs in FIFTH grade, and is accompanied by “THE FILM“.  Do you remember the film? I totally remember the girls being separated from the boys for a presentation by the school nurse – after which we all got pink “goody bags” courtesy of Stayfree or Tampax.

Fast forward thirty years, and I was TOTALLY unprepared for the wave of gratitude I received upon their return. In the door five minutes and..

“Mom, THANK YOU for having us circumcised!” followed by a round of hugs.

Okaayyyy….did NOT see THAT coming.

Beyond “You and Your Penis”, they also covered the importance of good personal hygiene, and the boys asked if they could wear deodorant. SO…..

That’s right — they sell “swagger” at the grocery store. Look. Out. Ladies.